BTOOOM! – "No Pain No Game" (FULL Opening) | ENGLISH Ver | AmaLee


AmaLee’s English cover of No Pain No Game, from BTOOOM!
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• Credits •

Song: No Pain No Game
Anime: BTOOOM!
Original: nano

⊹Vocals & Lyrics: AmaLee
⊹Music & Mix: Shawn Christmas
⊹Pre-Mix: Fruutella
⊹Animation: Sokei





As long as it’s for non-profit use, go right ahead! Once uploaded, you’ll see a sound recording claim from me, but you won’t be issued a strike. Pls give credit and link back to this video in the description!

💚 Lyrics:


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35 thoughts on “BTOOOM! – "No Pain No Game" (FULL Opening) | ENGLISH Ver | AmaLee

  1. Lyrics~

    The ending of this story, I will hold it close as I wander so aimlesslyyy, into this new woooorld!
    The game has only just begun, I can see it in your eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyes!
    This is where tomorrow brings a new gain, It's time to learn that pain is game!
    Ready? Fight!!
    I gotta crush and paint away the anguish of my past for sake of my future..
    Until my life comes to an end, I am going to fight to tear apart that destiny..!
    Ahhh, break out and start a revolution, until you find the answer you're looking foooor!
    I'll challenge all my limits knowing this could be my only chance,
    Now, to overcome this fate that has come over meeeeee!
    The ending of this story, I will hold it close as I wander so aimlesslyyyyy!
    Into this new wooooorld!
    The game has only just begun, I can see it in your eyyyyyyyyes!
    So, when you feel you've reached the last dead end,
    What will you do to save yourself from fate?
    Would you take a knife into your heart?
    Or would you rather break the fall not take defeat?
    Ahhh, step out and find your revolution,
    Reflecting in this cold and lonesome woooooorld!
    In this never-ending chase, I'm cutting past and racing from the start line,
    Surpassing even this maddening destinyyyyyyyy!
    Clinging to this withered image of a world I used to know,
    I will continue on this hazy true wooooooorld!
    The game has only just begun, all beginning with todaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
    A crack between the real and fake begins to show a reset option!
    I'm sure I'll find salvation in this heart of miiiiiiiiiiiiine!
    The ending of this story,
    I will hold it close as I wander so aimlesslyyyyyyyyy, into this new wooooorld!
    The game has only just begun, I can see it in your eyyyyyyyyyyes!

  2. I never even watched this anime, but saw the opening once in a compilation and loved it so much I instantly downloaded the full op. This cover has a lot of the same energy and intensity that drew me to the song in the first place! Love it.

  3. I was thinking about all the old animes I used to watch then I remembered how much I loved your covers. While going through all your old covers I remembered that I asked for you to cover this one song I was obsessed with. I had to actually go through my comment history to find the song. And now I'm here listening to this cover after like 2 years. I am so happy to see that you are still making covers. And that you made the one I requested lol. Keep going girl I'll definitely be a more active supporter after this lol.

  4. Amalee was great as always but can we just appreciate that dang guitar solo? It was literal 📛

  5. Just finished rewatching the anime for a 3rd time after 7 years of watching it the first time really glad you decided to do this opening!

  6. I wanna use your cover song to my Nightcore. Of course I never forget to give all your videos link to my description, but can I download your song without the intro of your videos? basically just the song. I know my Chanel is still small, so gradually I want to keep climbing to make my Chanel famous😁

  7. Omg I was waiting for this cover for too long! ❤️ Please, consider coverong the second opening "Exist"! 💜

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