BoTW : What to do after main quest!


You finally sent Ganon back to the sacred realm in BoTW … So what now after the main quest? do you just move on to the next game or is there more to get out of BoTW? Ill show you things you can do to get every bit of fun out the game possible after finishing the main quest in BoTW!

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42 thoughts on “BoTW : What to do after main quest!

  1. I’ve done EVERYTHING. every korok seed (seriously), every shrine, every suit of armour (excluding amiibo), every mini game, got every armour set maxed, I’m so sad

  2. It just put me back in the main screen with a save file and a star does it mean u beat Gannon or u have to do it again

  3. I was so happy when i did defeat galamity ganon,then i looked back at the screen and discovered that theres no post game;-;

  4. Never it will never be but in the case until I climb a cliff and it start to rain then I will break it the rain in botw is anoyimg af

  5. Nice intro I thing it is awesome and catchy also first time I beat the game I thought that it didn’t save

  6. Kills ganon after the millionth try* me:yes!! I beat gannon i cant wait to play without ganon! Game:naw man

  7. I did all the side quests except the one in Zora’s domain where you deliver the letter (and it says there’s one other quest but I don’t know where to trigger it) I’ve found all the memories, I’ve done all the shrines, I’ve finished champions ballad, I only have the tingle outfit tog get, and I JUST beat Ganon. I have trial of the sword to do and the korok seeds to find, oooof

  8. This should be calked the "no shit video". Useless information. All ypu did was say do what ypuve already been doing. Thanks for wasting my time.

  9. My game didnt save after destroying ganon. It didnt save 2x. How do I fking play it after the main story.

  10. Zelda: let me ask…. do you remember me?
    Link: I hope that I don’t remember you emo little shit-

  11. i did all these before ganon (I Kept my hearts at 13 and no extra stamina for more of a challenge as most zelda games are too easy) aaaaaand i kinda forgot about my armor and did it in shorts. (i dont wear anything when exploring)

  12. What in the hell was the point of this video? All you pretty much said was “play the game” in 100 different ways, and you failed miserably at that! This was a complete waste of time. “Oh play the missions, oh complete the shrines” yeah no shit

  13. So I just finished beating ganon ( I’ve been putting it off for a looonnnnnggggg time) and when I go to my adventure log, “destroy ganon” is still there as if I never fought him but I still have the star on my save, did this happen to anyone else????

  14. I just beat breath of the wild and honestly it felt kinda weird that my last save was when I was at the entrance to defeating ganondorf. It feels weird having to go away from the castle knowing that I finished the game, but the game doesn't act like I finished it lol

  15. Just to let you know there are 18 memories because you have the master sword memory, all 4 champion memories, 12 Impa memories + the bonus one she gives you.

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