Bottle Topps Stacking Game, Steady Nerves!


​​​I really like the game of Bottle Topps! I had fun stacking the little wood discs and making sure I was very steady 🙂

Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was a fun game to take a look back at. I have played it at some time in the past. It has been along time. It was challenging to keep going wider and wider. There is something about older games and also a game that is all wood, that just feels fun to play. Hard to explain really, but if you play older games, I think you would understand. Have you ever played this game? Let us know!


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1993 Bottle Topps Game By Parker Brothers No. 40260

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38 thoughts on “Bottle Topps Stacking Game, Steady Nerves!

  1. Jenga came out first in 1987 by Milton Bradley, bottle topps didn't come out until 1993 by Parker Brothers. Ioved both of these games and kerplunk.

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  4. Bottle Topps Stacking Game, Steady Nerves!

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  5. This game is basically old fashion Jenga! XD Except that u r stacking the pieces instead of taking the parts out. 🙂

  6. please convert your stereo microphone into a mono channel. its very unprofessional to hear your voice bouncing left to right. thanks

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