Body Harvest – Nintendo 64 Review – HD


Body Harvest is an action-adventure video game for the Nintendo 64 video game console, developed by DMA Design. It was intended to be a Nintendo 64 launch title, but was delayed due to its original publisher, Nintendo, having issues with the game’s violent themes, and eventual dropping of the title, leaving DMA to find a new publisher. It was eventually published by Midway Games and Gremlin Interactive in 1998.

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Body Harvest review on the nintendo 64. Recorded using a dazzle and on original real console hardware and game cartridge.


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36 thoughts on “Body Harvest – Nintendo 64 Review – HD

  1. This game is fucking amazing, just picked up a copy yesterday after having not played it in years

  2. I played this game back when it was new and I loved it. Wasn't quite open world but felt much more open than anything i'd played before with you being able to enter/exit vehicles and some buildings mid game which I had never seen before

  3. IT is now 2020 and we STILL do not have a Body Harvest 2 which sucks! I was looking up "Alien Shooter on N64" to remember the name of this game. This game was the SHIT back in the day! It was definitely ahead of it's time and was a really good game. I never got past the first boss though. I was only 6 or 7 when I first played this. I am now 30

  4. i never could beat this as a kid, was both too confusing and kinda scary. might give it a shot again now. i do feel its underrated and overlooked.

  5. This and Space Station Silicon Valley were games that were really hyped up in Nintendo Power before their release. They seemed ambitious in a way that Nintendo made titles couldn’t deliver. Delay after delay and then luke warm reviews kept me from even trying them. Visually this looks a lot like Blast Corps… part of me is still curious….

  6. It was one of my favorites. This was a game that checked all my starship troopers/blue gender fantasies.

  7. This game is sooooo freaking hard but will always have a special place in my heart. Freaking love this game!

  8. To me Body Harvest truly defines what a retro game could be, and to this day holds a certain charm…. to say the least when I prefer a minimal aproach to visuals and a greater emphasis on (intense action) gameplay, this game comes to mind…. my one regret is that I just did not play this game enough when it launched…primarily because I was consumed by the many multiplayer games on the N64….but over time I have definitely grown to appreciate this game.

  9. Got it on sale in a store when I was a kid .. I found it so confusing on what to do . Never finished it

  10. Body Harvest was sick. I remember having nightmares as a kid because of it. It was a good game for what it was

  11. My older brother got this quite close to when it came out, i was so young that all i remember is it being hard but awesome. I didnt think it was this in depth but thats how much i didnt understand. This review got me wanting to play it.

  12. This is the game I played as a kid that I've been trying to find for a decade in a half that I couldn't remember the name of to save my damn life. Finally. God damn. I feel like I just nutted for the first time.

  13. I totally loved this game! My mom bought its for me When I was 10; I didn’t speak English at the time and it took me a year to open the bridge in the firs level. Alongside ocarina of time, this game was one of my greatest motivators to learn English. Oh boy, it surely has a special place in my heart.

  14. to truly enjoy this game you almost had to check evory building you could i rember thinken g dam this is a long game and for the time it was!!! loved it tho and still have my orignal copy.

  15. Like some of the other classics that have been given a new lease of life, I would love to see this remastered for the Switch

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