Bill Nye The Science Guy: Stop The Rock! for the PC


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Windows 3.x

Game description:

A deadly meteoroid named Impending Dume is about to destroy Earth, And it is up to the player to stop it. Based on the Disney and PBS TV series, Bill Nye the Science Guy: Stop The Rock! is a video game which puts the player to being a lab researcher to solve seven difficult science riddles.

The Nyecom 3000 is a useful tool to solving riddles and gathering information on every science-related topic. There are many different places in the lab to explore, such as the Micro Lab for looking at different things using a microscope, the Ocean Comm Center for searching for answers about the ocean and contacting Swell White Cap, as well as deploying the ROSE submarine, and the Sky Lab which takes an in depth look at the rockets and see them launch, plus getting access to the weather in the Control Tower. The game uses a timer to make the game look like it was in real life. After five days, the game ends.

The game features exclusive in-game characters such as Sam Andreas and Sue Nami.


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  1. There is actually a LP of it for those who want to see more than just exploring around:

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