Ascension Strategy – Muramasa is King


Ascension gets better and better with each game played. There’s a deep depth of strategy in this game that can be discovered.
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8 thoughts on “Ascension Strategy – Muramasa is King

  1. In CotG you can win a lot of games by just buying Heavy Infantries every turn with all available runes unless a hero that gives power is available. Every turn kill any monster and keep attacking the Cultist. You can usually end the game before your opponent can buy enough cards to win. Of course if NO monsters come to the center row you are likely to lose.

  2. Noob player here – thanks for the quality video! It'd be interesting to hear your thoughts about priorities – when dealing with a lot of new cards, what takes precedence? Drawing cards? Thinning out? Runes or power first? And what about shards? Thanks muchly!

  3. The Void Initiate is a good card. It helps to thin your deck, costs only 1, and if you have it that means your opponent is not thinning their deck. Once you get something better to thin, like Shade of the Black Watch or Arbiter of the Precipice you can dump the Void Initiate. I find that doing everything I can to ensure that my opponent has all 10 starting cards the more likely I am to win.

  4. Ascension content is sparse on YouTube, hope you do more. Realms Unraveled is a fantastic expansion for those with a Magic background.

  5. I've been playing a ton of Ascension lately. You hit it right on the head with Muramasa. This thing wins games. It's not even close. Yggdrasil staff is amazing too. Mostly because if you have a few runes leftover and don't want to but the crap in the center row you get 3 honor. Nice video. You nailed everything!!

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