Ascension Remastered – EASY FAST SAFE BEST STRATEGY Round 100 – High Round Strategy – Chronicles


Really fast, easy, and safe strategy to get you guys to the high rounds on black ops 3 zombies ascension remastered from dlc 5 – zombies chronicles
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34 thoughts on “Ascension Remastered – EASY FAST SAFE BEST STRATEGY Round 100 – High Round Strategy – Chronicles

  1. if u use crate power, bullet boost and u leave the power off u dont have to deal with the monkeys and u can run perkaholics, reign drops and on the houses. also u left out using alchemical. u neeeed alchemical

  2. Turned is statistically the best on very high rounds, eventually the other ones will stop one shotting but the more rounds you go up the stronger the zombies become and that means turned will kill in one hit no matter what round you are

  3. I got to 38 with jug,widows wine,speed cola,stamin up,pap'd Ray Gun MK2,thundergun,i have no idea how i got those 2 wonder weapons,it just happened.

  4. im gonna be honest, and ive been doing the lander area by WW, and im at 63 and im not doing this all day

  5. This map is so easy. I made it to 130 with no quick revive before the game crashed. 14 long and tiring hours lol

  6. I noticed u keep the spawn jug door closed does this mean you try get jug form monkeys or wonder fiz. Nice start btw I hit round 50 first time ever playing ascension.

  7. The way i do it is the same except i dont open any doors so you dont have to deal with the monkeys. Just need perkaholic/reigndrops/on the house for your perks (any of the 3 will work) then wall power to pap the sheiva and the rk5 plus bullet boost for fireworks or dead wire. Finally immalation liquidation (if youre not using reign drops for your perks) to get the thunder gun(i would suggest getting the thunder gun as your first or second gun in case you go down, youll still have it when you self revive. For your 5th gobnle gum slot you can use whatever you want..probably something usefull for high rounds, i use the max ammo one. The only down side to this strategy is you wont be able to pap the thunder gun unless you get crate power but then youd have to gamble on getting a fire sale and only being able to hit the box once or twice evertime and that may take a really long time lol. I got to round 87 becaues the spinner downed me twice, bit the strategy work really well and you dont have to fuck with those pesky little monkeys 😁

  8. He said he didnt down but in the video his perks were different later in the video meaning he either died or it was another game

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