Android Game – Food Crush – demo


Android Game – Food Crush – demo – Google play store link: page:
The Idea of this Android game is not new or anything, it has been used already by previous android game and also games on Iphone and other devices, using different Items. But each of those games has something special to it, as for this Android game right here, that you can play on your Smartphone, Tablet or any other Android device, it uses food items, yes different cute tasty food items lol, sandwishes, coke, icecream, pizza.. and that’s the fun of it, everyone loves food right? lol
Anyway, to play this game is simple, you have two minutes, you have to line up three or more of the same food items and you can do that by swwitching the Item with its neighbor, either with the ones on the sides or the ones above and under.. when you do, all the food item you lined up will crush and you gain points, the more food you crush, the higher your scores becomes, and by the way, this game include google leaderboad, wich means that you can see what is your score according to other player who are playing it, you can also share your score.


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