35 Things To Do Post-Story in Breath of the Wild | Austin John Plays The Legend of Zelda


The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 35 things to 100% complete the game.

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1) Ride Stalhorse –
lord of the mountain –
2) register giant horse, royal horse –
3) Jump Slash tutorial
4) perfect Strafing, Dodging, & perfect guard
5) Refresh a rusted weapon
6) Buy a House –
7) Upgrade the house
8) Get every piece of Jewlery
9) Great Fairy Fountains
10) Horse Fairy –
11) Royal Guard’s Weapons
12) Hylian Shield –
13) Spring Loaded Hammer
14) Ancient Bladesaw
15) Activate all towers
16) Get every outfit
17) Monster masks (kilton) –
18) Get Champion’s Abilites
19) Get renewable weapons
20) Complete Tarrey Town –
21) Dog Treasures (14)
22) Mini Games (16) –
23) Clear the Colleseum
24) Bridle & Saddles (6)
25) All captured Memories –
26) Complete all Shrines (120) / Green Tunic of the Wild –
27) Destory ganon
28) Upgrade all armor –
29) upgrade equipment slots (441)
30) Complete side quests (76)
31) Metal of Honor: Talus
32) Metal of Honor: Hinox
33) Metal of Honor: Molduga
34) Hetsu’s Gift
35) Hyrule Compendium (385)
36) Tunics of Previous Games
37) Get epona
38) Fierce deity –
39) Tunic of the sky

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an action-adventure video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U video game consoles. It is the 19th main installment in the The Legend of Zelda series. The story is set in Hyrule and follows amnesiac protagonist Link, who awakens from a 100-year slumber to a mysterious voice that guides him to defeat Calamity Ganon.

The title’s gameplay and mechanics constitute a departure from the series’ conventions, featuring an open-world environment, a detailed physics engine, high-definition visuals, voice acting, and the ability to play through the game’s dungeons in any order. Announced in 2013, the game was initially planned for release as a Wii U exclusive in 2015, but was delayed twice prior to its release on 3 March 2017. Breath of the Wild was a launch title for the Switch and was the final Nintendo-produced game for the Wii U.

Upon release, Breath of the Wild received widespread critical acclaim, with critics particularly praising the game’s physics-driven open world and gameplay that encourages player experimentation. The title is one of the highest-rated games of all time on review aggregator Metacritic, and has been deemed by several critics to be one of the greatest video games ever made. sheikah breath of the wild master sword prince sidon how to get breath of the wild dlc dark link botw the legend of zelda breath of the wild walkthrough post game breath of the wild theory

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50 thoughts on “35 Things To Do Post-Story in Breath of the Wild | Austin John Plays The Legend of Zelda

  1. I wanted to complete the compendium 100% but I got the camera function AFTER defeating Water Blight Ganon.

  2. I was bored so I fought against all ganons when I had like 5 hearts, it was hard but I was happy

  3. Tarrey town is a town where all the races come together…I bet there will be new NPCs from tarrey town that we will meet in the sequel

  4. 36: Do the champion’s ballad
    37: Cry after watching the ending cutscene
    38: Have fun with the master cycle
    39: Try the trial of the sword
    40. Do the beginning trial
    41. Do the middle trials
    42. Fail at the final trials
    43. Die

  5. How do you get into the castle at any time? I’m at the top of Hyrule castle but can’t figure out how to get in or to the shrine.

  6. Needs too much patience to complete all those tasks, in the end is not worth imho, just for perfectionists.

  7. Three years ago I didn't pass the game, because I was entertaining myself with all that zelda botw has to offer. Now I have decided to play it 100% but I am afraid of Kolog seeds.

  8. Done all 35 things , 100% , all armor max , Terry town + house complete , 2x DLCs done . NOW WHAT TO DO?

  9. Wait you can play the game after you’ve killed Ganon? It will only let me play from before I destroyed him?!

  10. After the credits is it meant to take you back to the main menu, also when I press continue it takes me back to the fight with CG. Is it meant to do that?

  11. You missed "get both bridle and saddle for each of the 5 sets of horse armor" i.e. Knights, Royal, Magnificent, Ancient and Monster (at least one set isn't a challenge or quest and has to be found).

  12. So, it’s not actually “post-story”. I defeated Ganon and the game rebooted to the last saved game, which is before fighting Ganon. I thought there was going to be an after world.

  13. yeah idk what to do. I’ve got all korok seeds, done all shrines, got all sets of armour (apart from most amiibo, I’m not spending more money) and finished all dlcs. Help me.

  14. I just finished the game tonight. The first Calamity Ganon fight was difficult, dark beast was easy, and it only took me about THREE YEARS

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