264. Right Person. Wrong Time? (The Love Chat)

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Right Person. Wrong Time?

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In this video Rory (The Love Chat) discusses if there is such a situation as “Right Person. Wrong Time?”. Is it possible that you have met the right person at the wrong time in their life? Lets discuss!

What does the dumper go through?:
What is my Ex thinking about during No Contact?:
Time is everything when winning your Ex back!:
Will I ever hear from my Ex again?:
How to make your Ex regret dumping you!:

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39 thoughts on “264. Right Person. Wrong Time? (The Love Chat)

  1. Damn! I was wondering why i haven't seen a video from thic chanel for ages. I just discovered that i'm somehow unsubscribed… YT is really getting weird. And i feel like i met my person more under wrong circumstances… ldr sucks

  2. I think in some ways this idea can give you false hope too. In my situation, it felt like this, but in truth, he still loved his ex and had a son to worry about. I ignored the red flag that while yes, we were compatible, he still had a lot going on in his personal life that I just could not fit. Poor choices were made as a result. I do believe this is possible, but the dumpee mustn’t put too much thought into it because it could close them off to new people and new experiences.

  3. rory what if by doing no contact your ex thinks you've moved on and wouldn't want to speak to them so they don't bother reaching out?

  4. Man..I feel so weird..my ex is contacting me after 1 year,every two days but now I am crazy for another woman..

  5. my ex sent me a clean slate message (apologizing for breaking up and being thankful) after 3 months of breaking up idk if i should respond but he said i don't need to reply. should i respond?

  6. Been listening for over a year.. been in no contact for that long with ex fiance. I'm living this literally right now this week. Did a ton of work on myself to be the right person to meet the right person at the right time. Met someone amazing this week, and saw my ex this week also for only the second time since the break up…I was ok seeing my ex because of the new person…..thanks Rory for all you out out there…

  7. You're absolutely right, Rory. I don't believe in "right person, wrong time," either. If they're really the right person, there is no wrong time. This belief gives false hopes.

  8. I'm in no contact I met a woman who was separated from her husband. For 3 & half years he did not touch or talk too her, so she kicked him out. We start dating & he came back they were married for 25 years with children. I think its hopeless we had everything. Right person wrong time.

  9. For a very long time I thought my ex was "the right person at the wrong time" as well. For 2 years, everything was just fine and we even began planing our future together. But unfortunately he had to join military service in his home country. While being there, his personality changed in a very negative way to the point where I hardly recognized him anymore. Today, 10 months after our break-up and of NC, I know he was definitely NOT the right person for me. But he was the lesson I needed to learn when it comes to setting healthy boundaries and what I want and expect from a good partner. So, in some way, he was "the right person" karmically but not romantically!

  10. Hi Rory! I just wanted to say thank you for being straight-forward and honest! I'm only 23 and a month ago I thought I was with the person I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. But this pandemic happened, and he had to go back to his home (Aus).. for weeks after the break up there were times where I would cry and ask myself why he had to dumped me when things were going so well between us. I was caring and supportive towards him. I was willing to compromise and be patient with him.. I guess you are right sometimes even when we do everything at our best, it wouldn't guarantee us a happy ending. So instead of hoping that he'll come back, I am slowly focusing on the things that I have control over like spending more time with my family and friends, learning Norwegian and binge watching Netflix.. it's very difficult to be in this situation during a pandemic but I am truly grateful that you exists and I was able to find you at the right time! 😊 When he left I started searching for a good YouTube channel that can help me cope with my heartbreak and I found you and a few good coaches. I am in debt of youand I hope you'll keep doing this 🧡 and stay safe 😊

  11. If you're the right person at the wrong time, it's because you're the wrong person to begin with. 🤔

  12. OMG Rory you and the recent topics make me want to get into a respectable debate. What if the person was a high school sweetheart? How does that tie into the topic?

  13. Wrong person, right time… wrong on me for not seeing it in the first place. The Red Flags were there, I just refused to acknowledge them. And now I pay the price with a fractured heart.

  14. It's good to talk with this person after some time to see if he/she is actually a right person at the wrong time. In my case maybe it really is. But I heard it from him. He said he loves me but he has to go to therapy first. It's hard with a depressed person who is trying to push everyone away to „protect them”. He asked if he will be better and came to my country then would I want to try again ofc if Im gonna be single. I don’t close myself to new relationships, but neither do I for my ex. It’s only up to him whether he actually does something. And will it be the right time 😉

  15. I think sometimes we so stubborn to see that we wrong when the relationship fails its a rude awakening and in a way forces us to change for the better. Thanks Rory.👌

  16. Hey Rory, this video is spot on to me. You nailed it and it spoke to me because once again you approached this topic like other topics of yours in a realistic and practical. I find this video is realistic and practical. I am willing to swallow more tough pills like this if it's the right medication and vitamin and supplements to process. I am improving lately on embracing change.

  17. This all seems selfish all ways around and ignorant to human nature; perserverance and surviving together.

  18. Me and my ex had a good chemistry, we clicked. but unfortunately, things doesn't work out. Loss of attraction maybe.

  19. This is what she told me during our breakup talk. It gave me a lot of false hope but we havent spoken in 8 months and I'm moving on and it feels good!! Thanks Rory, you're truly amazing and keep up the quality content!!! Stay safe!!

  20. Thank you so much for this, definitely feel like this is right for me at the moment! Keep it up because you have helped me more than I can say

  21. Shit I've started dating Rory, I'm back for new reasons! Aaaargh 🤷‍♀️😂 It's amazing how different I feel now after everything you've taught xx

  22. I like this. I've never giving 2nd chances in my life. Sometimes I wonder should I. This confirms it. I've always since I was 16 years old wanted to be a good person and become better. I've been hurt so many times as a good person..I never once thought to hurt anyone. I think two right people belong together. Why is it we have intentions to fight and work on ourselves and the other person don't. You deserve someone who is willing to fight and do the work like you.

  23. She did ask me why I didn’t came into her life 2 years ago or later in the future I was very confused and still soon I know she end move into a relationship after 3 moths of dating still wanted to be friend??? My lord can you answer this? Thx

  24. 7 months after being broken up, I realized that there are circumstances that we really have no control over. We just have to focus on what we can control (as the stoics would say) and do our best for ourselves and for a relationship if we are in one. But you really can't control your partner's decisions. You can influence them, you can guide them, but you can't make them do something you want unless they're willing to

  25. I need help! So this girl was crazy over me in the beginning when we started dating, she couldn’t leave me alone and even wanted to have my kid before we even get to talk about family. And we been only dating for like 4 months. She bought me clothes, make food, give me massages and she loves my D. Not to brag it’s like she’s obsessed with my D idk. I wasn’t ready to take things that far. She told me about her last relationship and she said she always gets bored with all her previous ex after certain period of time. This 4th of July will be our first year but last month she told me she don’t love me anymore. She ask to stop everything and I said well, love sometimes fade away so I will give you time to go spend times with your friends and be yourself. She basically dump me. I ask her if we can slowly fix this, she said up to you so I was open to putting effort, but I still give her space and time. But we still see other like twice a week or once but this time she’s so disrespectful, everything she do annoys me now. I tried talking and she would just ignored and change completely different subjects. So yesterday I finally said, if you don’t want to love me and don’t want to put effort into this relationship, I’m letting you go, well she already let me go so I was just the only one trying by myself to fix it. I told her, I’m letting you go, let me know if you change your mind. She said I will. That was it. Since that I don’t text her or call her. But she keeps calling me now, I haven’t answer her and she texted me saying “hello” I didn’t respond to it. She’s calling me as I type this smh. So what should I do? Should keep NC or remind her that she can only contact me only if she wants to to fix the relationship. Please help! Thanks Rory for all your video been watching them.

  26. Great answers. No matter how you look at it. Great answers. We all have to move on regardless. I have forgiven him but not what he done. Was all wrong. Especially since I knew him for 9 yrs. He could have Told me what he wanted. No more bread crumbs for me. Thank you.

  27. so perfectly said, most of the case it's the wrong person and the wrong time and we just don't want to believe it.

  28. "Stop chasing happiness and start creating it." Sums up everything so well in one sentence :). I think my ex was the right person for the right time to help me grow where I needed to grow, but she isn't the right person any longer. Great video :).

  29. I used to believe in that. My most recent ex. Honestly it just resulted in her trying to fit me into a box of who I was years ago than who I actually was today and made no effort in actually getting to know me. It’s unfortunate as we had SO much in common. Looking back she wasn’t at all ready for the relationship and has a LOT of work she needs to do on herself that I’m not sure she even realizes. I’m moving forward, it’s unfortunate as I truly loved her with my soul. It really feels like a wasted opportunity after knowing each other so long and our connection we’ve had for that time.

  30. Happened to me..
    Let's see.. In August I gonna meet my ex. We've dated from 2012-2014 ne he loved me to the moon n back.. But I wasn't ready.

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