1990 GameBoy Competitor?- Hartung GameMaster!


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36 thoughts on “1990 GameBoy Competitor?- Hartung GameMaster!

  1. Hey, nice to find some interest for this console 🙂 I've just dumped 2 missing games (Tank War and Invader), now there is only one missing dump (S-Race) for this console. If anyone have this S-Race game, I'd be interested in getting it to dump it ! Also Retro Future, if you have no major interest in the Car Racing game, I'd be interested in getting it 🙂

  2. I own a Game Plus (with Hyper Space and Go-Bang) which was the same system in a different design. My mouth dropped when I saw how much it fetched on Ebay.

    It was terrible in the regard that you could choose only between 3 types of volume: sound off, loud, very loud.

  3. Begged my parents for a gameboy as a kid for ages. Finally they said yes they would get me one for my birthday.
    Birthday day came and I was super excited to unwrap my present, to my surprise this was what my parents had gotten me.
    Needless to say I was very disappointed. It definitely was a terrible handheld console.

  4. Thanks for doing this video! I just heard of this system the other day and great to see the awful games. Hah!

  5. Why do they keep putting buttons on the bottom of handhelds? Don't they even understand how human hands work?

  6. Man, I had this as a kid!!! No shit. I still remember the music from the blocks game or Tetris rip off. Man your the only one on here that I've seen with this. Mine was bought from Big W in Canberra Australia. I'd love to find one of these. Dang, mad nostalgia.

  7. This doesnt look like a system I would want, but since you have multiples, I would be tempted to take the screen part labelled "game master" and put it on the colorful shell…

  8. I've seen a couple of these in Portugal. I've also seen falling block released as a portable key-chain pocket title.

  9. Why are the reviews under-researched ? you don't know the resolution, find out, count it in a snapshot, how many games were released ? Is the D-pad any good ?
    Insufficient lighting when filming.
    The scoring system is Ok.

  10. Cool video, I really appreciate getting such a crisp and clear view of the screen. I've seen this system before but didn't realise how many versions they managed to produce.
    PS Didn't Gameboy's screen fade on low battery too though? I've never had one but I seem to remember something about you having to turn up contrast as the batteries start to run out.

  11. Uhhh… isn't this just the Systema 2000 with a different name?

  12. When you say theyre not cross compatible, is it just that they dont fit? Couldnt you unscrew the plastic cases off the carts and plug the pcb in directly?

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