10 Differences Between Shadowhunters Books And TV Show


Ways in which the Shadowhunters TV series is different from the books.
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If you are a big fan of “The Mortal Instruments” books, then you were probably super ecstatic when you heard that they were coming out with a television show based on the books. But if you are like us, that excitement didn’t last very long. As soon as you watch the show, you see that the series does not follow the books! Here are 10 Differences Between “Shadowhunters” Books and TV Show!

The biggest noticeable difference is the characters’ ages! In the books, most of the characters are around 15 or 16. But in the show, everyone is 18 or in their early 20s! What gives? Why change such a basic part of the story?

Whether it’s the characters, the storylines or the relationships, there are a lot of things that don’t add up between the show and the books. Stay tuned to 10 Differences Between Shadowhunters Books and TV Show to find out what change in the show could alter Jace’s life forever!

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37 thoughts on “10 Differences Between Shadowhunters Books And TV Show

  1. I love both of them. If you already read the books it wouldn't be fun to watch the show b/c it would be surprising. Changes are important to keep the show fun

  2. I personally think the director change a few things so that people who didn't read the books wouldn't feel like they are missing anything or wouldn't understand some references. Overall I live for the series and malec is life❤️

  3. An unpopular opinion here:
    I do not like Jocelyn.
    I get it that she did it to protect her unborn child (Clary) from Valentine and his shenanigans and the dark side of the shadow world, but having your child’s memories be wiped off completely?! Wtf!
    She took away a HUGE part of her daughter’s life, leaving behind a hole which left the girl confused who took some time to absorb the new infos on the shadow world when she was tossed into it without her realising. It was Clary’s right to know who she was and where she truly belonged since being a shadowhunter was a part of her.

    And what’s worse?

    That Jocelyn, too quickly, gave up on Jonathan. If she had put in at least half of the effort as she did with Clary (despite Magnus’s warnings dare I add) probably Jonathan wouldn’t have been through all that crap. And I was so glad that Clary gave her mom the cold shoulder after Jocelyn woke up but the end of season 1.

    And most importantly, I’m very happy that the show killed Jocelyn off. (Just sayin’)

    What she did with Clary was abuse. (No matter what the circumstances were!) what she did with Jonathan was neglect. (Yes I know she didn’t know he was alive but still when she thought Jace was Jonathan, she was ready to kill him on spot.)

    Yes. Valentine was a pathetic parent. But Jocelyn was no good either.

    Please don’t take offence it is just an opinion. 👍🏻

  4. First of all, you pronounce "stele" wrong. Secondly, in the tv series, Valentine did use the cup to transform mundanes into an army of shadowhunters, but only strong mundanes survived the process. Lastly, Catarina was blue but she glamoured herself. Her blue skin was shown when all of the warlocks had their marks exposed during the party at Lorenzo Rey's mansion.

  5. I feel like #Malec was given more importance than #Clace in the show compared to the book. Though it was very entertaining watching #Malec on the show, in a way I never imagined while reading the books.

  6. The show was such a fucking letdown. It was honestly an insult to the book and the chick that played clary was so annoying and her acting was terrible.

  7. In the TV show Clary killed Johnatan with the rune, and in the book with heavenly fire. Also, in the books Jace was the one who was bonded with Johnatan by Lilith's rune and in the TV show it's Clary. In the books Simon is striped out of his memories, and in the show it is Clary. Max was killed in the books, and I think he survived in the show. I can't quite remember.

  8. For the mortal cup a human only dies if they are not strong enough to be a shadow hunter and to have runes (for the show)

  9. From the experience of literature teacher, I can say – you should separate books and things that happening on screen, because the laws of writing and shooting ( playing on scene) are rather different. So, there are "different creations" of different creations))

  10. U know even before I knew alec and Magnus ship name any time I would say alec I say malec and I didn't even know its was a thing🤔
    Turn that⬇️ button blue if ur #malec4life

  11. as a fan of the books here are some of the points i would've wanted to see in the series(or small errors):
    1. Clary's height; in the books clary is 152cm(about 5'0) and is a big part of how she is described and how her interactions with, for example, Jace.
    2. Izzy's personality; if you've read the books you have probably noticed that the Izzy in the series doesn't exactly embody the attitude of the real Isabelle Lightwood.
    3. Jace's attitude; in the books Jace is sarcastic and iconicly full of himself and sometimes a drama queen. In the books some of his iconic lines are "if you wanted me to take off my clothes, you should've just asked," and "my only true love is myself, but sometimes i like to let myself down so it's more interesting,". In the books he is a teen boy who is haunted by his past and who has partly isolated himself mentally due to years of fighting and living up to the "love is to destroy and to love is to be destroyed" bs.
    4. Shadowhunter's runes and powers; as i started to watch the show after reading the books, the first error that i found, was how in the first episode Alec literally flew from the ground on to a roof of a building. Shadow hunters can't do that unless they use a portal or unless they are Jace, who can somehow magically jump over a tall fence(in the second book). The only way it could be possible is that Alec used a rune that wasn't in the grey book, which wouldn't be possible because only Clary can do that, or he used demonic power to jump on the roof, which would be highly unlikely because shadowhunters don't like meddling in down worlder's business unless it has something to do with the nephilim and if it were to be demonic power that he was in possession of he probably was breaking an approximate 5 shadowhunter laws, and we all know Alexander Lightwood would never do that(considering his mother is in charge of the new york institute, and Alec is a small bean at heart so he just wouldn't)

  12. Like I’m literally screaming at my screen each time I’m watching it. ITS NOT HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO BEEEEE

  13. The show was supposed to be based on the books and not copied so its obvious that there are some differences and it's not so easy to fill something in the exact same way how it is written in the books. And imo it would be boring if its exactly the same story and you know everything what will happen.
    And about Jocelyn and the stele: she gave it to clary as present for her birthday and she knew Clary would start to remember the shadowworld and while giving her the stele she tried to tell her everything about the shadowworld so it makes sense. Jocelyns dead was probably to cause some problems between clary and alec so it's more complicated to work as a team

  14. It's like this: The first season is not good. Really. Look at Clarys hair, at the runes and the seraph blades. BUT it got so, so much better when they continued the show.

  15. There was a lot more romantic malec in the books. And Clary didn't lose her memory. Those are my main two problems I hated clarys mom in the books and in the show so even tho she didn't really die in the book in honestly kinda glad she wasn't in a lot of the show

  16. Didn't they make it so much different on purpose tho so if you read the books you wouldn't know everything about the show

  17. clary becomes a mundane at the end of the series but that was not there in the books. BUT still shadowhunters is the best series ever

  18. honestly the only difference I really hated was killing off Jocelyn like that is gonna be a HUGE problem because she keeps coming back like everything else is fixable but that is not she is just way too important. It would have made sense to kill her off if the actor portraying her left but there was literally no reason and is just gonna be a MAJOR headache for scene writing in the future they kind of dug themselves a hole with that one and made more work for themselves that i think they will regret later.

  19. Wtf Jace never "decided" to "team up" with Valentine. In the books he thinks he is evil, and his upbringing made him that way, but he always stood up against Valentine.
    In the show, he only went with him to protect his friends. He "sacrificed" himself for the sake of the others so they could save the world.

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