【Mr. Honesty】Trailer | What can happen when you lie for your boss who's never lied | 不说谎恋人 | ENG SUB

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【Synopsis】Fang Zhiyou, a boss who can’ t lie, and Xu Yiren, an assistant with “lier”, from mutual disobedience to mutual support, gradually developed feelings of love. Xu Yiren built love bridges with goodwill and produced a series of unexpectedly amusing love stories.
【Starring】Liang Jie, Xin Yun Lai, Liu Hai Kuan, Luo Qiu Yun, Wu Ji Feng, Chen Shi Min, Wei Jin, Si Zheng, Wang Xi Chao, Liu Luo Xi, Xiang Yao Yu, Su Zi Shan

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21 thoughts on “【Mr. Honesty】Trailer | What can happen when you lie for your boss who's never lied | 不说谎恋人 | ENG SUB

  1. Omgeeeee, you’re my destiny not yet finished but here i am watching another drama lol and same female lead tho! 😍😍

  2. Interesting!🤩 loving that straight forward character! Another drama to watch!
    -the🎼 bgm really gets you in the happy mood🤗🎶

  3. finally a drama different from the usual cliche arrogant CEO X Poor Girl troupe after a long time,i will definitely watch this drama for sure for its unique adaption of character and personality of the main lead guy in a funny and good way.

  4. Me encantaría poder verla subtitulada en español,el es muy buen actor lo vi en varios dramas,ella es sublime,no se si me acostumbre a verla con otro actor pero voy a disfrutar

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